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Product Overview

Best Medical can provide you with your radiotherapy and brachytherapy needs by offering a large variety of products, along with our unmatched customer service.

Best Medical manufactures Best™ Iodine-125, Best™ Palladium-103, Iridium-192 and Gold-198 seeds, along with HDR accessories, fiducial markers, Best™ Brachytherapy Kits and more.  Seeds are available either loose or loaded in cartridges, needles or strands, and are available sterile or non-sterile.  Best Medical can make catheters, needles, templates and applicators to meet your special needs.

Application Overview

With such a broad range of products it is natural that Best Medical can offer your clinic something for each of your applications.  From the physicist interested in calibrating equipment to the radiation oncologist who needs LDR brachytherapy seeds, we can meet your needs.  Please click each of the images below to learn what products we have for you.